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Post a Comment. Richard Whittall:. Middle East Eye: " The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer is one of the weightiest, most revelatory, original and important books written about sport".

Play the Game: "Your expert ise is clearly superior when it comes to Middle Eastern soccer. James Corbett, Inside World Football. Monday, July 9, Whither Wahhabism? Credit: Muslimpress.

To cement his power, Prince Mohammed has in the past year marginalized establishment religious scholars, detained critics and neutralized members of the elite by arresting relatives, prominent businessmen, and officials and stripping them of much of their assets. Alhussein said. Some Saudi scholars argue that the degree of change in the kingdom will depend on the range of opinion among religious scholars.

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They suggest that change will occur when scholars are divided and stall when they speak with one voice. Reality, however, suggests there may be other limits.

It has been reinterpreted and redesigned during times of transition or crisis to better reflect changing power relations and enable partners to deal with challenges efficiently. Predicting that Wahhabism would likely remain a pillar of the kingdom in the medium term, Mr. Prince Mohammed has indeed in word and deed indicated that his reforms may not entail a clean break with Wahhabism and has been ambiguous about the degree of social change that he envisions.

Similarly, there is no indication that gender segregation in restaurants and other public places will be formally lifted any time soon.

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Complaints of creeping immorality have in the last year returned the religious police , who have been barred by Prince Mohammed from making arrests or questioning people, to caution unrelated men and women from mixing. Saudi sports authorities in April shut down a female fitness centre in Riyadh over a contentious promotional video that appeared to show a woman in figure-hugging workout attire.

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  • Many said they would stay off the streets and monitor reactions. Salma al-Sherif, a year-old cashier, said the men were "opposed to women drivers.

    Al-Sherif said she faced abuse from men in her neighbourhood soon after she began driving in a bid to ease her financial pressures. Al-Sherif was showered with messages of support on social media once the incident became public. Saudi Arabia scholar Stephane Lacroix sounded at the time a cautionary note that remains valid today.

    It has indeed become clear that only such a move would permit the creation of a true Saudi nation, based on the modern and inclusive value of citizenship—a reality still missing and much needed in times of crisis.

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    However, the sticking point is that this ideological shift must go hand in hand with a radical reformulation of old political alliances both at home and abroad. Lacroix said. James M. Dorsey is a senior fellow at the S.

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